Fight Medicaid Block Grants

Proposed Cooperation with CCDC (Colorado Cross-Disability Coalition) and Other Organizations re: Medicaid Block Grants
For many of us, the number one concern at this time is the proposal in Congress and the Executive Branch for Medicaid Block Grants to states – which, apparently, would take the place of our current Federal/State matching funding (FMAP) for all Medicaid services, including the State Plan and possibly  all Waivers, etc. – like SLS, EBD, CES and others.
The states stand to lose significant monies.  They will either have to cut services or increase taxes; most likely both.  This will not make the governors popular and will impact on re-election.  Some governors and legislators actually care.  They would be stupid to agree to block grants.  They make take a party line in public, but they can be pressured to oppose block grants.  Traditionally, the governor’s associations have opposed block grants.  
This could/would mean a significant reduction in services to your child/guardee.  Colorado can only raise taxes by using the Tabor Amendment – the most restrictive tax law in all 50 states.  Once the cuts are made, because of Tabor and Gallagher, it will take many years to make up for the cuts even if block grants are rescinded.  
CCDC has asked PAD-CO to join with others in an effort to defeat Medicaid Block Grants.  This is not the time to argue about leadership roles.  It is the time to come together with even those that have been seen as adversaries in the past.  As they say “politics makes strange bedfellows.”  We keep our eye on the prize – stop Medicaid block grants.  In the 90s, it took a coalition for disability advocacy groups (all of them), providers, the labor unions, seniors, right-to-life groups, religious groups,  conservatives and liberals, the ACLU, other civil rights groups, homeless advocacy groups, the governor’s associations, etc. to stop block grants.  It was messy – and we were successful.  
This would mean efforts by PAD-CO parents to get involved – at the minimum by a letter to a legislator, but also perhaps in meeting with legislators, demonstrations and the like.  We have some folks in CCDC and PAD-CO who will assist in coordinating efforts, providing materials, information, sample letters and the like.



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