Results of Andy’s Periodic Visit to IAHP and Later to Triad

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This is an update for Andy’s volunteers.  Starting about age 5, and for many years afterwards, we removed Andy from the so-called “school” and had services prescribed by the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential (IAHP) a controversial program located in Philadelphia, and later to an associated group called Triad.  We went there for several days every 3-6 months.  We then implemented the prescribed program at home, using volunteers for a 13 hours per day, 7 day/wk program of intensive therapy – educational, physical, emotional, etc.  We recruited and trained – over the years – 350+ volunteers, first in Wheat Ridge, CO, the Mundelein, IL and then again in Centennial, CO.  This report by Nora will give you the best “view” of the program.  Andy was almost 9 years old at the time of this report.  At this time, Andy was starting back to “school” as he desired to be out in the “world” more.

1978 IAHP Report 1

1978 IAHP Report 2

1978 IAHP Report 3

6 thoughts on “Results of Andy’s Periodic Visit to IAHP and Later to Triad

  1. Ditto, Denver! I found the Institutes for the Achievement of Human Potential in Oct., 1978 reading a chapter on “patterning” in a Rodale natural healing book while rocking my immobile, doctors thought blind, baby son, Peter who breathed 140/min. all his waking time unless I took him to a local chiropractor for a neck & other adjustment. Which I sis several times a month. We were out of hope & luck. The neurologist told us to ” put him on the couch and go about our. business.” Knowing what that meant and the no help from Children’s or Colorado General Denver hospitals nor Rand Junction/ Montrose doctors/ hospitals there I sat until the day of the article rocking my child and reading stacks of books from allergies to whatever to figure out what was going on with my son. We were miraculously able to go to the Institutes in Feb., -1979. We were in Kumi 18. Peter was at a newborn level in all categories on the chart. They said he was profoundly brain injured. Of course Glenn Doman and team taught us parents everything he knew for 8 hrs./day for the week we were there because, he said, “What good is it if you don’t understand what & why you are doing the 11 hr./day program which is a totally unreasonable program that you will look back upon as the best time of your life.” And it was! Thanks to the 65 interest from all aspects of the community who came to
    help and their as well as my son’s indomitable spirit and gift of hope. God bless Glenn Doman and the Institutes. !


    1. Sorry for typos. Should be.. Grand Junction/Montrose … which we did. … 65 Volunteers. While Doman & team taught us what he knew, of course the 6 Institutes were evaluating Peter to see where he was at. I remember seeing the older boys/ men in the lunch line who looked at Peter and told me they couldn’t move either as babies. They were all walking and continuing their programs living there at IAHP. Yes. Peter began moving even after the 1st pattern at IAHP. Yes. he walks and talks with sign language I taught him at age 2. He can say 16 words with his mouth (his tongue is paralyzed) from Bobath techniques learned from a couple who spent their adult lives helping elders learn to talk after having strokes. Much more to say but enough for now. He also spells perfectly typing on a Franklin Language Master I found in a catalog. He is amazing on computers. He was mainstreamed in school. No deminimus in 1984 for him by God! I had PL 94-124! Those battles were easy compared to
      what is going on now with a system made of ignorance and money for brains. Not worth the fight – just let my son & I carry forward. Thanks for taking me back for a minute.


  2. Thank you so much for your response. We almost crossed paths! We truly found these years to be fulfilling and worthwhile and the best years of ours and Andy’s life.


    1. The Colorado Department of Institutions. AT that time, almost all “services” for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, were administered through this department. Including the real institutions – Ridge, Grand Junction and Pueblo – and the fledgling CCBs (as I recall).


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